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Russell Benzing and Yelitza Gutierrez’s misson to tie the knot

Hello everyone this is our first blog post to start our wonderful wedding website. We want to make this a very digital wedding and want to get others to participate in it as well. This is be our introductory post to outline some of the goals we hope to reach to make our wedding a very memorable one.

First we wanted to make sure technology played a big part and knowing Russell you almost have to at least have a computer near him or he will start drooling. So we put our minds together and decided to add live streaming services to the line up so that Yelitza’s extended family in Colombia would be able to watch the entire wedding on the beach and most likely get the reception as well. We will also have a videographer and photographer for extended memories in photos and videos (which of course will be on social media soon after).

Also on the technology list is a photo booth which will capture the moments throughout the evening and beyond. Creating a digital photo album of that day and all the guests who checked in. This is going to be pretty fun and props will be included to make it an even more embarrassing experience for everyone.

To cut to the chase we are still brewing plans and more will come as we get them. Until the next post.

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