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Russell Eric Benzing

Russell Eric Benzing

Hello, this is a little bio about me that I wanted to share with everyone who visits this website. My name is Russell Eric Benzing. I was born on November 11th 1982 in Fort Myers, FL. From an early age I was always adventurous, looking towards the outdoors to get my excitement. Exploring the world has and will always be a passion of mine and now I get to celebrate it with the love of my life.

Growing up was great outdoors but as i started getting into computer technology it started weighing heavily on my lifestyle. By 15 I was programming on Visual Basic creating programs that worked with AOL which at the time was the most excitement on the internet. When I graduated high school I decided to take a month long vacation hitchhiking around the country. This sure did turn out to be an amazing experience and a whole other chapter of my life.

Meeting Yelitza for the first time, I remember butterflies in my stomach, thinking how exotic she was and how nice she treated others. As soon as I was single I decided to ask her out for a slice of pizza. The night ended up so well even unexpected swans flew in on the lake as we were listening the the serenading gentleman singing opera to our left. It was romantic and meant to be.

Yelitza Maria Gutierrez


I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and moved to the USA when I was six. Over the years I attended several schools in Lee County through elementary up until my high school years where I graduated from Cypress Lake High School. After graduating I attended Edison for 2 years but I took a sabbatical from school due to a beautiful surprise that life had in store for me, the birth of my amazing daughter Yocelina. She motivated me to think outside the box and helped me start a business career in construction where I helped build a million dollar general construction business. After the rise and fall I wanted to do something else with my life and went to school to get my esthetician license. During the next few years my life had many ups and downs and I was no longer happy with whom I was with at the time. I decided to make a transition and pursue my little petunias happiness and mine.

In November 2008 I was helping my mom establish her ice cream store and a hair salon along with my sister. Soon after my mom started an ecommerce business selling little girls dresses. She had told me that she wanted to build a website from which she contracted Russell Benzing Inc. This is when I met a very happy guy with great big beautiful eyes and a great smile but at the time he had a girlfriend. I met with him several times after to help construct the website. I remember he made me smile a lot through the entire process. We always joked around about how he would owe me a pizza and that one of these days he was going to have to pay up.

During all of this I decided to enroll in SW Florida College and start my journey to achieve a college degree. I enrolled in January 2009 and I could finally see my life starting to come together. I was seeing the person that once was. I was making new friends enjoying the world through a whole new light. I was finally happy!!

Then in late February I was just finishing up with a client in the hair salon when I quickly walked over the ice cream shop and guess who was there? Russell was. As he was leaving my mom and I started to joke with him about how he owed me a pizza and out of the blue he said let’s go. I was a bit shocked and said I am sure your girlfriend wouldn’t like it and that is when he told me he had broken up with her in January. I was starving so I said ok let’s go. I had no idea that that night would be so magical. There was opera music, swans on the lake it was as if he had planned it all or it was just meant to be. We went out a couple more times after that, but there was one night where I knew I wanted him in my life. It was my sisters b-day party and during karaoke he got up on stage and out of the blue rapped, “ I like Big Buts And I Can Not Lie” he was just the right person I was looking for. On March 3rd we made it official and became a couple. Since then he has inspired me and been such a big part of my life that I want to spend the rest of it with him.